Figue Ballon


This fabulous aroma brings to life the fresh breezes of the Mediterranean Sea. Stroll past beautiful villas with fig trees, sunny citrus gardens and lavender fields. Figue is crafted with these notes as well as a refined blend of orange, geranium and jasmine all anchored with sandalwood. The delicate mauve glass embodies the beauty of a fig and brings a sophisticated touch to your home.

Inspired by
The vibrant Côte d'Azur on the Mediterranean Basin


Secondary Notes
Fig Tree, Sandalwood, Geranium

Secondary Notes
Orange, Dried Lavender, Jasmine

    Since our vases are artisanally crafted, each piece is unique in its own way which means the colors and dimensions may slightly differ from one glass to the other. We find beauty in these variations and do not consider them defects.

    Burn Time  Wax Wicks Ht. x Diam.


    35hrs 4.2oz 1 2.75x2.75"


    90hrs 15oz 1 4x4"


    200hrs 42oz 3 5.5x5.5"

    Extra Large

    300hrs 78oz 5 7x7"
    Small 60hrs 9oz 2 2.75x3.94"
    Medium 80hrs 16oz 3 4.3x5.1"
    Large 150hrs 40oz 4 5.5x6.3"
    One Size 75hrs 11.5oz 2 3.5x3.5"

    Candle Ingredients

    • Premium vegetable blend wax from the U.S
    • 100% cotton wicks from the U.S.
    Delicate French inspired perfumes mixed with essential oils from the U.S.
    Artisan mouth-blown glass from Europe (Alixx) 
    • Recycled mouth-blown glass from Mexico (DemiLune)

    Diffuser Ingredients

    • 5fl.oz (Alixx), 8fl.oz (DemiLune) liquid fragrance
    • Alcohol free diffusing oil from the U.S.
    • 12 wooden reed sticks from the U.S.
    • Artisan mouth-blown glass from Europe (Alixx)
    • Recycled mouth-blown glass from Mexico (DemiLune)

    What's Included

    Diffuser Vase Perfume Oil Reed Sticks
    Diffuser Set Yes Yes Yes
    Diffuser Refill No Yes Yes

    Artistic, reusable, sustainable

    Alixx is an eco-conscious brand, we strive to offer candles that live well after they fully burn. Give your artisanal vase another life and reuse it for other purposes.

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