Rooted in the beauty of craftsmanship

Alixx is a family business that was created in Belgium in 2009 by French artist Alix de La Mensbruge. Alix embodies French sensibilities with her artistic style, appreciation for artisanal craftsmanship and delicate perfumes. Following her love for design and crafts, Alix created a brand through which she would share her passion for home décor using her artisanal values and expertise.

Today, Alixx continues to celebrate its French roots and combines the best of European craftsmanship while being made in the United States. Alix's daughter Marguerite continues to work with Patty and Harlan Kent upholding the traditions of a distinct European brand. Alixx candles are thoughtfully hand poured in our workshop in Massachusetts using a vegetable wax blend, cotton wicks and premium fragrance oils.