Please note, since our vases are artisanally crafted (mouth-blown), each vase is unique in its own way. The colors and dimensions may slightly differ from one glass to the other. We find beauty in the variations and they are not considered a defect.

Burn Time (hrs)

Vegetable Wax (oz)

Wicks (cotton)

Height x Diameter (inch)

Cylindre Collection    


35hrs 4.2oz 1 2.75x2.75


90hrs 15oz 1 4x4


200hrs 42oz 3 5.5x5.5

Extra Large

300hrs 78oz 5 7x7
Ballon Collection
Small 60hrs 9oz 2 2.75x3.94
Medium 80hrs 16oz 3 4.3x5.1
Large 150hrs 40oz 4 5.5x6.3
DemiLune Collection
One Size 75hrs 11.5oz 2 3.5x3.5