l'Air de la Mer | Aqua

l'Air de la Mer | Aqua

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Main notes : sea salt, lily and vanilla

A morning walk along the beach with soft sea foam on my bare feet and a stimulating sea breeze in the air; inspired by Le Mont Saint-Michel, Normandie. A soothing bouquet of lilies, cyclamen energized by an uplifting mix of sea foam, seaweed, and sea salt. A woody patchouli essence with a gourmand and a musky vanilla finish for a lively start to the day.

Diffuser Set : vase + refill (oil and sticks) 

Refill Only : alcohol free diffusing oil + 12 wooden reed sticks 

Ingredients : 5 fl.oz bottle of all natural liquid fragrance created by French Master perfumer, 12 wooden reed sticks